Application Methods & Procedures

Hypalon Single Ply Roof Application

Continuous UV exposure greatly wears on Hypalon (CSPE) single-ply roofs. The sun and heat can cause these roofs to chalk heavily and develop surface cracks as well as pinholes in the membrane. Once the reinforcement scrim is exposed, the roof membrane fails. If your Hypalon single-ply roof is a good candidate for coating, then you won’t have to worry about the expense of a complete tear-off and replacement. Our elastomeric roofing coating products are flexible, strong, and ENERGY STAR rated to maximize the performance and efficiency of your roofing system.

Inland Coatings Hypalon Single-Ply Roofing Application

The more cost-effective solution to a roof tear-off, Inland Coatings application products have a high resistance to water and weather extremes. Our synthetic rubber membrane is both strong and flexible to ensure maximum protection and to extend the life of your Hypalon roofing system. We have mastered high-reflectance systems, which means that your new application provides a white, reflective finish coat that reduces the roof temperature and lowers your energy costs. By keeping the roof cooler, expansion and contraction significantly decreases and reduces the risk of leaks and deterioration from the weather elements.

Install Rubber Roof Coating to Hypalon Roof Systems

Inland Coatings’ elastomeric rubber roof application process is among the simplest, most convenient in the industry, and can be installed on mechanically fastened or fully adhered single-ply Hypalon systems. For complete installation instructions and product guidelines, please review the Hypalon Specifications document below. Installation of the Inland Coatings rubber roof application can be broken down into four easy steps:

  1. Prepare the roof’s surface by power washing the roof to be clean and free of debris.
  2. Cover all laps, seams, fasteners, penetrations, etc., according to warranty requirements.
  3. Apply the coating according to Inland Coatings specifications and standards.
  4. Clean the work area using mineral spirits.

Please contact Inland Coatings for any questions you may have on estimates, product specifications, processes, or warranties.

For complete step-by-step instructions regarding Hypalon roofing applications, including warranty application requirements:

Hypalon Specifications PDF

General Requirements for Hypalon Roofing

General Requirements PDF

Recommended Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment Recommendations PDF

Penetration and Ridge Cap Drawings

Round Penetration Detailed Drawing PDFRidge Cap Detail Drawing PDF