Application Methods & Procedures

Modified and BUR Roof Application

The sun is the harshest element your Modified Bitumen (MB) or Built-Up (BUR) roof system can be exposed to. Roofing granules can weaken and deteriorate over time due to prolonged heat and UV exposure. Excessive moisture on the roof will lead to leaks and can cause the roof to fail before its time. Elastomeric roof coatings for MB and BUR roofing systems lock out moisture, protect against the sun’s harsh rays, and ensure your roof’s longevity.

Inland Coatings Modified Bitumen & BUR Roofing Applications

Inland Coatings has developed two roofing applications for your Modified Bitumen roofing system. The first is a solvent-based, strong, flexible rubber membrane that is water resistant and can be used for new and aged MB roofs as well as smooth BUR systems. The second coating is a water-based, flexible, all-acrylic membrane that resists blistering, asphalt staining, and UV exposure. This acrylic membrane is compatible with new and aged MB systems. Both coatings offer a highly reflective finish that keeps the building cooler while eliminating heat-related expansion and contraction issues.

Inland Coatings roof restoration products saturate and seal exposed reinforcement scrim, seams, and other problem areas. They provide a strong yet flexible membrane that eliminates leaks and extends the life of the roof substantially.


Product handling and installation vary slightly depending on whether the solvent-based rubber coating is used or the water-based liquid roofing membrane.

Rubber Roof Coating

The rubber roof coating application for MB and BUR roofs may include some or all of the following products: RC 2000 Rubber Roof Coating, DF 1000 Deck Filler, RC 2200 Rubber Seam Compound, RPM Series Polyester Mesh, RST Series Roofing Seam Tape, and RS 2030 Roofing Sealer. Please follow the installation instructions in the solvent-based PDF document below, and remember to properly prepare the roof before applying any roof coating.

Liquid Roofing Membrane

The water-based liquid roofing application for Modified Bitumen roofs may include some or all of the following products: RC 3000 Liquid Roofing Membrane, RPM Series Polyester Mesh, RC 2200 Rubber Seam Compound, and RST Roofing Seam Tape. The water-based PDF document below provides installation instructions, product specifications, and other information you need to know before applying the roof coating.

Please contact Inland Coatings for any questions you may have on estimates, product specifications, processes, or warranties.

For complete step-by-step instructiongs regarding Modified and BUR roofing applications, including warranty application requirements:

IMB350M-6 (SEBS solvent-based) Specification (pdf) PDFIMB355M (RC 3000 water-based) Specification (pdf) PDF

General Requirements for Modified and BUR roofing

General Requirements (pdf) PDF

Recommendation Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment Recommendations PDF