Application Methods & Procedures

TPO Single Ply Roof

TPO Single-Ply Roof Application

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun can take a toll on TPO single-ply roofing systems, causing them to chalk heavily and develop pinholes and surface cracks. The roofing membrane fails when the reinforcement scrim is exposed. Fortunately, a new elastomeric roof coating will not only protect a TPO single-ply roof from the sun, but it also resists moisture and the harsh elements of extreme weather.

Inland Coatings TPO Single-Ply Roofing Application

Our synthetic rubber membrane can be applied to fully adhered and mechanically fastened single-ply TPO roofing systems. Both strong and flexible, the rubber roof coating protects the entire system from leaks and degradation, extending the life and improving the performance of the roof. Additionally, our rubber roof products have an incredibly high reflectance rating at 87%. The reflective roof coating not only shields the TPO system from harmful UV exposure, but it also keeps the roof cooler, which means your energy bills will be lower.  Inland Coatings has 12 standard colors and with minimum requirements can provide custom colors to fit your needs.

Rubber Roofing Installation on TPO Single-Ply Systems

For complete product specifications and installation instructions, please see the System Specification document below. Installing the elastomeric rubber roof application is a simple, four-step process.

  1. Prepare the roof—The liquid rubber application works best when applied to a clean, dry surface. Power wash the area before applying the coating.
  2. Cover all seams, fasteners, penetrations, etc.—This is one of the most critical steps of the installation process.
  3. Apply the coating—Coat the roof according to Inland Coatings product instructions.
  4. Clean up—Use mineral spirits to clean the work area before leaving the jobsite.

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For complete step-by-step instructions regarding TPO roofing applications, including warranty application requirements

System Specification for TPO Single Ply PDF

General Requirements for TPO roofing

General Requirements PDF

Recommended Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment Recommendations (pdf) PDF