Case Studies

Rubber Skylight Coating Project

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City has two airports, Salt Lake City International and a general aviation and training center designated as Airport II. saltlake1

The City of Salt Lake had allocated funds for a rather extensive maintenance and roof repair program, including two pre-engineered buildings of approximately 14,000 and 20,000 square feet. These two buildings house a variety of operations including flight schools, maintenance facilities and airport administration offices.

The smaller of the two is a through panel screw fastener, painted “R” panel roof. The larger is a through panel pop rivet fastener, galvanized “R” panel. Although both of these two story, 2/12 pitch gable roofs have a number of skylights, the roof penetrations for HVAC and plumbing vents were minimal.

This project included Western Allied Systems, manufacturers representatives, Pacific Supply, distributors and All Weather Waterproofing, contractor.

The project scope included a 2500# power wash, mechanical scraping and wire brushing as needed. All fiberglass skylight perimeters, penetrations, vertical and horizontal seams were addressed with Inland’s RC 2200 and RPM 400 mesh. Both roofs received two field coats of Inland’s RC 2000 Rubber Roof Coating.