Commercial Metal Roof Protection

Commercial Metal Roof Protection

In the fall of 1997 the 330,000 square feet of the 20-year-old metal roof of the Northwest Airlines 747 maintenance hangar at Minneapolis International Airport was coated with Inland Coatings

RC-2000 & RC-2250 products. In the spring of 1998 the Twin Cities were pummeled by a severe hailstorm, resulting in the largest single automobile insurance claim event in the area’s history.

At Minneapolis International, a number of airliners suffered significant damage, as did hundreds of cars in the parking lots. Numerous buildings lost windows and skylights. The storm was so severe that a number of buildings mod bit roofs were delaminated, and even EPDM roofs, usually not affected by hail storms, were also damaged.

Upon inspection of the Northwest Airlines hangar roof recently coated with Inland’s Rubber Coatings, no damage whatsoever could be detected. In discussing this storm and the resulting damage, an architect later made the comment about the Inland products, “I believe they’re so tough the hail just bounced off”.

Proof that Inland Roof Coatings are hail tough!