Leaky Metal Roof Repair

Leaky Metal Roof Repair

KCI compressor of Tulsa, a division of Universal Compression is a large fabricator of oilfield equipment, primarily gas compression systems. The Tulsa facility services locations throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and the related offshore operations. The parent company has seven operations in the U.S. plus more in Canada, Latin America and the Asian Pacific.

The Tulsa facility is a thirty foot eave, 100,000 square foot steel building of relatively low slope with 292 fiberglass skylights. Attached is an additional 15,000 square foot office area of conventional construction with a BUR gravel ballasted roof.

Laster-Castor Corporation of Tulsa supplies KCI with a number of products used in their equipment manufacturing, industrial paints,powder coatings, blasting mediums etc.

A sales manager for the company that supplies KCI with a multitude of their products noticed the floor was frequently puddled with water. He asked about this and was told, “Roof leaks. No one can fix it. Been that way for twenty years.” The sales managers suggested they have a local rubber roof coating specialist  do a roof survey and offer a solution. The specialist is well experienced in this type of problem and was confident of his ability to solve the problem. 

All metal surfaces and skylights were thoroughly power washed and mechanically cleaned as necessary. All seams, fasteners, penetrations and skylight terminations were addressed with Inland’s RC-2250 and Inland’s RPM mesh as needed. At this point the integrity of the roof was secure.

An area where the roof joined a vertical surface was a source of unending problems. An internal gutter and drain system was inadequate to evacuate the accumulated water frequently encountered by the torrential rains of Oklahoma. A huge cricket the entire length of the building was fabricated and encased in polyurethane foam.

The flat BUR over the office was addressed next. All mechanicals were raised four inches on plywood pads and the entire roof area covered with polyurethane foam.

All skylights were coated with two coats of Inland’s CR-2100 skylight coating. All detail work completed, the entire project was then coated with two coats of Inland RC-2000 White.

An area where the office joined the steel building housing the plant had suffered some age and weather-related deterioration of the painted surface. As a test and sales tool, the roofing specialist coated the wall surface up four feet from the roof surface. He anticipates additional work as a result of the success of this project.

The success of any job is reflected in the satisfaction of the end user. Several factors were immediately noticed. No leaks. The skylights were once again bright, and the interior gutter system was fully functional. Additionally, the white RC-2000 greatly reduced the building temperature making working conditions much more pleasant.