Project Description

A bucket of Inland's RS-2030 Original Series Roof Sealer

Reach maximum protection from weathering, corrosion, and wet environments while protecting your RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating from discoloration. Inland’s RS-2030 Roofing Sealer is a clear, water-based SEBS roof product that seals asphaltic roofing surfaces and prevents oils from bleeding into and harming your colored roof coating. Boasting long-lasting weatherability, the RS-2030 is a necessity for superior roof protection.

Benefits of RS-2030 Roofing Sealer

  • Time Efficient: Allows rapid completion of roofing jobs, as Modified Bitumen can be top-coated with RC-2000 and RC-2200 within hours of application.

  • Color Protection: Prevents the discoloration of RC-2000 and RC-2200 on Modified Bitumen and asphaltic surfaces.

Types of Applications

  • Asphaltic Surfaces

  • BUR

  • Modified Bitumen

Other Resources

RS-2030 Technical Data Sheet
RS-2030 Safety Data Sheet

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