DF-1000 Rubber Deck Filler

DF-1000 is a solvent-based rubber base-coat that can be used as a heavy filler/saturation coat on various substrates, including Built-up and Modified Bitumen. It fills and seals alligatoring and other surface irregularities, providing an excellent base for the RC-2000 Rubber Coating to be applied.

  • DF-1000 provides excellent water resistance.
  • DF-1000 has high elongation and flexibility.
  • DF-1000 is an economical, one component product that is easy to use.
  • DF-1000 can be either brushed, rolled or sprayed.
  • DF-1000 Provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Note: DF-1000 Deck Filler is a non-weatherable material. For long-term UV stability, it must be top-coated with RC-2000 Rubber Coating.