RC-2200 Rubber Seam Compound

RC-2200 is a solvent-based rubber seam sealer that is extremely effective for sealing and waterproofing fasteners, cracks, seams and penetrations on various roof surfaces. It is an excellent product for fixing roof leaks and making roof repairs. RC 2200 has the needed flexibility, tensile strength and adhesion for repair and maintenance applications. It withstands expansion and contraction of the roof and is compatible with reinforcing materials, such as Inland Coatings RPM Series Polyester Mesh or RST Series Seam Tapes.

Color: White.

Available in three grades: Brush, Trowel and Spray.

Seals and Waterproofs: RC-2200 develops early water resistance, eliminating potential wash-off problems.

Extended Application Season: Work can be performed even during colder months.

Thermally Stable: Resists cracking and peeling due to its high tolerance of hot and cold weather extremes.

Strong and Flexible: Features 1,780 PSI tensile strength and 530% elongation.

Provides excellent protection against oxidation, humidity and corrosive environments.

One-component product that requires minimal surface preparation.

Types of Roofing Applications:

  • Metal buildings and roofs
  • Fasteners, flashings and gutters
  • Modified Bitumen and Built-up roofs
  • EDPM, Hypalon and TPO roofs
  • Polyurethane Foam and Concrete surfaces