Metal Roof Calculator

Disclaimer: While Inland Coatings believes the calculations performed by this form are correct, it is offered to our customers as a convenience only. Because we have no control over the data you input or the measurements on which they are based, we cannot offer any guarantee regarding the results provided. The user is solely responsible for ensuring the numbers provided herein are valid. Inland Coatings assumes no responsibility for their use, including any subsequent loss or damage.
General Project Information
Nominal squares (size of project)
Stretch factor (roofing profile)

Length of warranty
Percent to be primed (corroded areas ONLY--there is generally no need to prime surfaces that are in good condition.)
 Enter percent from 0
to 100 (no decimals)
Flashing and Seams
Length of building (feet)
Number of horizontal seams
Length of vertical seams (feet)
Number of vertical seams
Method of application for seams
Penetrations, total circumference/perimeter (feet)
Materials Cost (Variable)
Cost/Pail of RC-2000
Cost/Pail of RC-2200
Cost/Roll of RPM-200
Cost/Roll of RPM-400
Cost of RC-300 Cleaner (total usage)
Cost of miscellaneous materials
Sales tax %
 Enter as percent (e.g. 8.5)
not decimal (0.085)
Labor Cost
Labor cost ($ per man/day)
Miscellaneous Project Cost
Disposal charges
Travel allowances