Roof Restoration vs. Tear-off

Inland Coatings fluid-applied systems for commercial and industrial buildings can repair leaks, eliminate rust related problems and dramatically extend the life of an existing roof. The savings associated with restoring rather than replacing the roof can be very significant. However, not all roofs are good candidates. In some cases, the roof surface is simply too deteriorated. In others, leak related problems have saturated the roof insulation, requiring the affected areas to be torn off and replaced. If the percentage to be torn off and replaced is relatively low, an Inland Coatings Restoration System is a very viable option.

Inland’s experienced sales and technical personnel devote a great deal of time evaluating individual roofing projects with building owners and roofing contractors. This process ensures that the project is a good restoration candidate and that the completed restoration provides long-term performance and high customer satisfaction.

If you have roof leaks or are simply wanting to extend the life of an aging roof, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your roofing problems and can help you design a repair program that fits your budget and performance requirements.