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A History of Expertise

With forty years of experience and proven performance, Inland Coatings is the industry
leader in innovative SEBS roof coatings.

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Inland Coatings was founded in 1978 in Waterloo, Iowa. At that time, the company was primarily engaged in the distribution of automotive aftermarket products to car dealers and body shops throughout the Midwest. This included undercoating and rustproofing materials, along with application equipment and various corollary products. To better focus on quality control and improve industry technology, it became necessary for Inland Coatings to develop its own products and expand production capabilities. Although the initial plant was quite small, it allowed us to produce high-quality products on a consistent basis and continue to refine our proprietary chemical formulas.

In 1980, Inland Coatings moved to the Des Moines, Iowa area, providing better access to suppliers and improving distribution capabilities. We have been at our current location for nearly 40 years, expanding our production facility and overhauling the equipment in 2008.

While Inland’s focus on corrosion protection initially led to products and solutions for trailer, truck body and RV manufacturers, it quickly expanded to commercial and industrial roofing systems. With 40 years of history, our line of SEBS roof coatings and mastics provides excellent corrosion resistance and protection for a wide variety of roof surfaces.

Product Benefits

Sustainable and reliable fluid applied rubber coatings to fit your needs

  • For Contractors…

    Unlike other roofing solutions, our streamlined system eliminates the need to use extra coatings such as primers or rust inhibitors—full protection is built directly into our formula. Our products minimize dry time, and allow for quick project turnaround, increasing your efficiency, decreasing labor costs, and allowing for increased revenue. The application process could not be simpler; most coatings can be sprayed or brushed in an easy four-step process at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • For Facility Managers and Building Owners…

    Our durable and highly reflective products are formulated to cool down the surface temperature of your roof and cut your energy costs. If you’re looking for a uniquely colored roof, our coatings are available in various custom colors to enhance your building’s look and feel. You can expect enduring results, as our coatings have a superior elongation and tensile strength, making your roof resistant to ponding water, structural damage, and leaks. With 10- and 15- year product and system warranties available, you know Inland Coatings’ fluid applied systems work hard for your building long after the project is completed.

  • For Architects or Consultants…

    Our fast and efficient application process, paired with a myriad of custom color options guarantees satisfaction throughout your project—from start to finish. Whether you’re restoring an old building or designing a new one, our products are easy to apply and cause minimal disruptions to the rest of the project. Partner with Inland Coatings and get the best in durability and aesthetics with our streamlined SEBS coating systems. 

  • For Original Equipment Manufacturers…

    The Inland Coatings line of industrial coatings brings high thermal stability along with superior crack and peeling resistance to every application. Reap the benefits of these long-lasting results with a fluid applied rubber coating that leaves your assets looking sleek.

Contact Inland Coatings today to find out how our commercial and industrial coatings will meet your needs.

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Contact Inland Coatings today to find out how our commercial and industrial coatings will meet your needs.

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