40+ Years of Proven Performance

Proud to be the Industry’s Innovative Leader in Coatings

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Inland Coatings has been an industry-leading provider of innovative, state-of-the-art coatings since 1978. For more than 40 years, our technical team has worked with contractors, facility managers, consultants, architects, original equipment manufacturers and others to ensure their projects and products are built to last.

Product Benefits

Sustainable and reliable rubber and silicone coatings to fit your needs

  • Patented Systems

    For all applications, our patented SEBS coating systems provide outstanding protection for a variety of substrates including metal, asphalt and single-ply roofing systems. These proprietary formulations deliver long-lasting durability for everything from recreational vehicle and trailer undercarriages to commercial roof repair and restoration. Roof repair and restoration with Inland SEBS products can save over 50% compared to complete roof replacement, while providing several sustainability and operational benefits. And our liquid-applied thermoplastic rubber roofing system extends the life of a roof at least 10 years, with added benefits in elongation, tensile strength, permeability and reflectivity. That level of performance extends far beyond roof applications as well, from RVs to trailers to industrial piping. For commercial roofing, Inland 100% silicone roofing solutions deliver lasting strength and performance against leaks, severe weather and ponding water. The one-coat application can be used on a wide range of commercial roof types, with superior adhesion and excellent leveling.
  • Nationwide Reach & Distribution

    Strategically located in the central U.S. with nationwide distribution, Inland Coatings has the scale to meet your needs. Whether you’re a consumer or operate a business, count on us for the delivery options you need with excellent lead times and cost-effective distribution methods. Our facility includes an innovation department for product development, as well as complete production and distribution capabilities. To make sure we can meet the ever-growing demand for our popular products, the facility has been expanded and updated. We’re proud to be an American-based company serving the country and the world from the heartland of Iowa.
  • Complete Solutions

    Today, as always, we pride ourselves on producing coating solutions trusted by contractors, building owners and managers, architects, equipment manufacturers and repair technicians. Whether you need rubber roof coating, metal roof coating, EPDM coatings, coating for roof restoration, solutions for RVs and industrial equipment, and more, count on Inland Coatings to continue to meet your needs.

Contact Inland Coatings today to find out how our commercial and industrial coatings will meet your needs.

Contact Inland Coatings today to find out how our commercial and industrial coatings will meet your needs.