Modified Bitumen and BUR Roofs

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UV Protection for Your MB or BUR Roofing System

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When it comes to Modified Bitumen (MB) or Built-Up (BUR) roofs, constant sun and heat are your worst enemies. Prolonged heat and sun exposure weaken and deteriorate the substrate, creating significant leakage and moisture. Protect your Modified or BUR roof from UV exposure and lengthen the life of your roof with Inland Coatings SEBS roof coatings.

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Benefits of Coating your Modified Bitumen & BUR Roofs with Inland Coatings

We know that every Modified Bit and BUR roofing system is going to have its own unique set of needs. We’ve tailored our coating products to give you the best protection against the elements for your roof. Why choose Inland Coatings to reinforce your Modified Bit or BUR roof?

  • Eliminate Leaks & Reinforce Your Roof

    Our roof coatings provide a strong-yet-flexible membrane that protects the roof, eliminates leaks, and dramatically extends the life of your roof.

  • Solvent-Based Application

    Our solvent-based coating option creates a flexible and tough rubber membrane to waterproof your roof. This coating is a great solution for both new and aged Modified Bitumen roofs as well as smooth BUR systems.

  • Highly Reflective Cool Roofing Systems

    Our white coating offers a highly reflective finish to keep the building cool while eliminating heat-related expansion and contraction issues.

  • Seal Visible Scrim

    Inland Coatings roof restoration products saturate and seal exposed reinforcement scrim, seams, and other problem areas.

  • Proven Experience

    With 40 years of experience and proprietary chemistry in all of our products, Inland Coatings is the trusted name for Modified Bitumen and BUR roof restoration systems.

Application Guidelines for Modified & BUR Roofs

Product handling and installation vary slightly, depending on whether the solvent-based rubber coating or the water-based liquid roofing membrane is used.

Technical Data Sheets
Design Guidelines

Rubber Roof Coating

The rubber roof coating application for MB and BUR roofs may include some or all of the following products: RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating, DF-1050 Deck Filler, RC-2200 Rubber Seam Compound, RPM Series Polyester Mesh, RST Series Roofing Seam Tape, and RS-2030 Roofing Sealer.

A contractor power washes an asphalt roof.

Step 1 – Clean 

Power wash the roof at 1,500 PSI and remove any loose dirt and debris. Some surfaces will need a spot treatment of our RC-300 Cleaner.

Inland Coatings Cover protect openings in the surface of an asphalt roof.

Step 2 – Seal

Apply the RC-2250 Repair Product to all penetrations and potential leak points.

modified bitumen bur roof applications

Step 3 – Prep

Apply the DF-1050 Base Coat at 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet—over the entire roof surface.

A partially-covered asphalt surface with Inland's SEBS products.

Step 4 – Coat

Apply the RC-2018 Top Coat to the surface of the entire roof at 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet.

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