Silicone Roof Coatings

The Inland Coatings lineup of silicone roof coatings provides high solar reflectance and excellent UV resistance for lasting strength and performance. The seamless, breathable membrane seals against leaks and severe weather. Designed for easy application, our single-component silicone roof coatings can be applied over a wide range of surface types to give you the adhesion you want and the long-term protection you need.

Convenience is built in. Our silicone roof coatings go on in a single coat without a primer and can hang on peaks without sagging. They can be applied by spray, roller or brush to almost any flat roof surface, including metal, modified bitumen, built-up roof, polyurethane foam, single ply, and cured concrete. In addition, they’re solvent-free for added fire-retardant protection and low-VOC to comply with air quality needs.

Inland Coatings gives you outstanding silicone roof coatings choices for meeting the exact needs of your application. RC-1800 is a premium-grade workhorse designed for sloped and flat roofs. RC-1850 is ideal for roof repairs and for sealing fasteners, cracks and seams. RC-1875 provides a block against asphalt bleed-through and discoloring. Learn more about each below.


Ideal For Roofs With Extreme Conditions

When a roof will be subjected to high UV exposure, extreme temperature ranges and other harsh conditions that can cause expansion and contraction, or stagnant conditions such as ponding water, roofing contractors and building owners turn to our selection of silicone roof coatings. They form an impermeable membrane that can handle the tough conditions that cause other roof systems to fail. The performance of silicone roof coatings is simply unmatched.

The resistance to UV rays helps silicone roof coatings maintain a cool temperature to reduce expansion. This helps to maintain adhesion and reduce the risk of cracks. Even under the pressure of ponding water, silicone coating remains impermeable.

An Outstanding Value

Inland’s silicone roof coatings save building owners money in a variety of ways. First, because they can be applied in a thick, single coat, installation costs are reduced. The resistance to UV rays helps minimize heat transfer, which can lower energy costs. The long-lasting performance and excellent adhesion reduce maintenance needs. Plus, after they experience wear and tear over time, they can be quickly recoated to extend the service life of the roof without the need to pay for an entirely new installation. And, of course, the leak-free performance of our silicone roof coatings delivers great peace of mind, perhaps the greatest return on investment of all.

Part Of A Complete Line

Inland Coatings offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs. In addition to silicone roof coatings, choose from rubber, aluminum and acrylic solutions. Our rubber coatings have a Class A fire rating, excellent thermal stability and resist corrosion from acid, alkali and salts. Our acrylic coatings cure to form a seamless membrane to help extend the life of the roof system.

And, of course, all Inland Coatings are backed by our 40+ years of expertise and commitment to service. For silicone roof coatings and other solutions to coat to roofs, RVs, skylights, agricultural equipment and more, we’re here to help.