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Founded in 1978, Inland Coatings has a proven track record of superior products and excellent customer service. We specialize in the production of durable, elastomeric roof coatings and seam sealers for commercial and industrial roofing projects. Our fluid applied rubber systems repair leaks and extend the service life of many common roofing surfaces, including metal, Modified Bitumen, built-up, TPO, EPDM, Hypalon and Polyurethane Foam.

Inland Coatings roof restoration systems are approved by Miami/Dade County and the State of Florida for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Inland Coatings SEBS rubber roof coatings are cost-effective and the perfect solution for leak repair and roof restoration. They are easy to apply and provide a seamless, waterproof membrane. Their high corrosion resistance gives long-term protection to even rusty metal roofs. Our Cool Roof Reflective Coatings dramatically reduce roof temperatures and eliminate expansion and contraction problems.

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RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating

RC 2000 is a unique, solvent-based rubber roof coating that provides extremely effective protection. It is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces. Its high durability reduces costly patching and expensive re-applications. RC 2000 has excellent corrosion resistance and long-term ultraviolet protection. Benefits of RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating: Energy Star: RC […]

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RC-2200 Rubber Seam Compound

RC-2200 is a solvent-based rubber seam sealer that is extremely effective for sealing and waterproofing fasteners, cracks, seams and penetrations on various roof surfaces. It is an excellent product for fixing roof leaks and making roof repairs. RC 2200 has the needed flexibility, tensile strength and adhesion for repair and maintenance applications. It withstands expansion […]

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Nebraska Contractor

After experimenting with roof coatings from other manufacturers, we switched to Inland Coatings products and have used them exclusively for over ten years.  In that time, we have had zero call-backs.  We feel Inland Coatings has the best line of products available.


General Contractor Nebraska

Ohio Contractor

We have been using Inland Coatings products for several years with great success.  We have applied them to metal and single ply roofs with no problems.  Our service crews use Inland regularly for metal roof penetrations and repairing gutters.  The staff at Inland have been very supportive and readily available to help us.


General Contractor Ohio

Wisconsin Contractor

Now having used Inland Coatings products for the last three years, I must say the product works great when applied properly. I have done extensive research on finding the ultimate coating for my jobs, and truly feel nothing compares to the  dynamics of Inland Coatings. Not only does Inland Coatings have one of the best products on the market today, Inland Coatings is always striving for improvement and open to feedback to improve products moving forward. As mentioned, over the course of the last three years, I have been very pleased using Inland Coatings on all of my roof jobs. The combination of using the proper application process and the right products (Inland Coatings), makes for an outstanding job for the customer.


General Contractor Wisconsin

Washington Contractor

I exclusively use Inland Coatings in my roofing and waterproofing business. Their products are very high quality and deliver dependable, call-back free results that my customers appreciate. Inland Coatings makes it easy to make a waterproofing project profitable.


General Contractor Washington