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For over 40 years, Inland Coatings has been the trusted solution for roofing maintenance and repair. Contractors, building owners, facility managers, and architects alike value the Inland Coatings expertise over any other in roof restoration solutions.

Why Choose Inland?

  • 40 Years of Coating Expertise and Restored Building Testimonials

  • Durable and Cost Effective Systems for All Roof Substrates

  • Energy and Time Efficient Installation Systems

  • Excellent Resistance for Harsh Weather and Ponding Water

  • 87% Reflectivity To Reduce Surface Temperatures

  • Innovative SEBS* Coatings Since 1978

The Inland Coatings Advantage

Our expertise knows no boundaries. We coat the following roof types: Metal, Hypalon, EPDM, TPO, Modified Bitumen and BUR (Built Up Roof), and Spray Foam (SPF). Our fluid applied rubber roof restoration systems have excellent permeability and elongation to protect against water swelling, ponding water, and daily exposure to both UV rays and extreme weather. Architects and contractors prefer Inland’s comprehensive product lines over others due to the superior waterproofing systems, durability, and custom color options. Inland products work hard, day in and day out, protecting your assets and giving you a stronger roof for years to come.

*SEBS stands for Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene

Solutions To Fit Your Needs


An illustration of a contractor spraying a roof coating product.

Join the network of contractors who have chosen our rubber roof coatings for over 40 years. Our primer-free, two-pass system can be applied by brush or spray, reducing application time. Potential wash-off problems are eliminated thanks to quick cure times, which helps seal and waterproof. Plus, industry-leading tensile strength and elongation extends the service life of the roof. It’s clear why Inland Coatings is the trusted choice for roof protection.

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An illustration of a blueprint, pencil, and ruler representing architects.

Protect roofs against the elements and enhance your building’s design with SEBS solutions from Inland Coatings. Custom color options are available, which can help your roof add to the building’s aesthetic instead of taking away from it. Superior durability meets beautiful design.

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An icon representing facility owners illustrated in a building.

Choose energy-efficient roofing solutions from Inland Coatings to save on energy costs without sacrificing appearance or durability. Our fluid applied coating systems protect your building from leaks, rust, and structural damage due to weather and UV exposure. Since it’s not a full tear-off, there are no dumpsters, no open roofs, and minimal disruptions.

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Our industrial coatings line of products is designed specifically for automotive, heavy equipment, and agricultural equipment coatings. Protect your investments with coatings that boast thermal stability, resistance to cracking and peeling, and provide long-lasting results.

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Our Products Perform for Your Business

A bucket of Inland's RC-2000 Original Line Premium Rubber Roof Coating.


Completely protect roof substrates with a full application of the ENERGY STAR-rated RC-2000 Premium Rubber Roof Coating. It’s corrosion resistant, durable, and waterproof to seal your roof from the elements. The RC-2000 also comes in custom color options to match your branding and enhance the design of your building.

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A bucket of Inland's RC-2250 Original Line Rubber Seam Compound.


Our one component repair sealant quickly seals cracks, laps, fasteners, and penetrations on roof surfaces to protect against alligatoring, visible scrim, and other damage. With 400% elongation and 1,000 PSI tensile strength, the RC-2250 can withstand expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.

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A bucket of Inland's XRC-2001 Thorite Series Rock Guard


Protect your industrial equipment with industrial coating products from Inland Coatings. A comprehensive product with chemistry proprietary to Inland Coatings, the XRC-2001FD is thermally stable, ultraviolet resistant, and resists cracking, stone chipping, and abrasion.

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Industrial Coatings to Protect Your Equipment Investment

A photo of semi trailers compatible with Inland's OEM products.

Our company roots began with industrial equipment coatings and those coatings have continued to be a cornerstone of our business over the last 40 years. Contact Inland Coatings to discuss options for protecting your automotive, agricultural, or heavy equipment.

Industrial Coatings

Featured Project:  See Inland In Action

Rust Is No Match for Inland Coatings & the City of Richmond, BC

The City of Richmond, British Columbia, had a significant dilemma as a metal building that was over 20-years-old had developed numerous problems, including loose seams/fasteners, leaks, pinholes, and a high degree of rust. One option presented was to do a complete tear-off and disposal, which is disruptive and was going to be out of their budget. As the roof itself was structurally sound, Inland Coatings teamed up with a local contractor and formulated a plan of attack. The result was a 10-Year Warranteed System that provided a substantial cost saving (under budget) to the City of Richmond.

Products Used: RC-2000, RC-2250

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