Coatings can breathe life back into all types of flat roofs, sealing cracks and voids that are prone to penetration. They’re perfect for metal roofs, modified bitumen roofs, single-ply roofing and many other roofing systems. The coating material is applied as a liquid, resulting in one continuous flat membrane roof that protects your building from water infiltration. Once the coating has cured, you’re free from the concern of heavy rain or ponding water. Your new rubber roof coating has you covered.

Rubber Roof Lifespan

Once your rubber roof is installed, you can expect it to last quite a long time due to its extreme durability. In many cases, it can last decades before needing additional attention. Exactly how long does a rubber roof last? On average, the life expectancy of installed rubber roofs is 15 years. It depends on the thickness of the coating applied. After that time, the process can be repeated by applying a new rubber roof coating on top of the old flat roofing material.

Regular maintenance and inspections are great ways to ensure your rubber roof lasts as long as possible. A visual inspection can indicate early signs of damage due to weather events, falling debris or foot traffic. A trained roofing contractor will also check for blisters and pay attention to factors that impact water travel, making sure water is moving off the commercial roof the way it was designed to. Inspectors should also fix minor repairs and clear away debris from waterways to ensure proper drainage.

Cleaning the roofing membrane periodically with a broom and cleaning solution is a great idea as well. Make sure you don’t use a petroleum-based product to clean it, though, as doing so can damage rubber, or EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofs.

There’s only one reason why your rubber roof wouldn’t last up to 15 years — and that’s if the applicator did not apply the coating properly. They could have applied too much or too little coating, applied it at the wrong time, such as before a rainstorm, or didn’t prepare the surface correctly. In those cases, it might wear more easily than if it was applied correctly.

Many rubber roof coating products come with a warranty, so make sure you are aware of what the warranty covers for you. If it starts to look questionable, you might wonder again — “How long does a rubber roof last?” Remember, it should last an average of 15 years. If it doesn’t, you may be able to get your roof redone under warranty.