Premium Liquid Rubber Roof Coatings (SEBS)

Every roof goes through wear and tear over the years thanks to fluctuating weather that causes them to expand and contract and UV rays that contribute to deterioration. One way to fix the damage this causes is to have a skilled commercial roofing company repair and restore it, but as you might guess, the costs add up — and the same goes for both roof demolition and roof replacement. Choosing rubber roof coatings extends the life of your commercial roofing system while also saving you money. It’s a win-win decision. Read more…


More Information About Our Rubber Roof Coatings

Advantages to using rubber roof coatings include:
-Fire Resistance – products have a Class A fire rating.
-Reduced Roof Temperature – you can achieve 87% solar reflectance.
-Longer Product Lifespan – rubber roof coatings resist corrosion from acids, alkali and salts.
-Waterproof seal – potential wash-off problems are eliminated.
-Weatherability – products provide high ozone and UV resistance.
-Thermal stability – cracking and peeling due to weather extremes are no longer a problem.
-Expandability – 1,500-PSI tensile strength and 500% elongation helps withstand seasonal expansion.

Liquid rubber coatings can be used on most roof types including metal, Hypalon, polyurethane foam, and more. Different businesses have extremely different roof types, but Inland Coatings’ products adhere to the majority of surfaces without fail. Here are the types of roofs that bond well with our coatings:

Metal – Protect and extend your metal roof’s lifespan, even if there’s years of damage.
Hypalon Single Ply – Hypalon roofs don’t do well with continuous UV exposure, as it can cause chalking, cracks, and pinholes. Our coatings can cover these imperfections and protect against future problems.
EPDM Single-Ply – Use our durable coating systems to prevent leaks that often occur due to foot traffic and weather exposure.
TPO Single-Ply – Help your TPO roof avoid UV exposure and moisture damage by using rubber roof coatings. With our help your roof will thrive for many years to come.
Modified Bitumen & BUR – Save your roof from the damage sun and heat exposure can cause. Applying coatings will prevent leaks and other issues caused by moisture.
Spray Polyurethane Foam – Weather can greatly affect spray polyurethane foam roofs, but our coatings can prevent deterioration from fluctuating temperatures.

Our rubber roof coatings are available in a number of color options, with many beyond the usual white, off-white, and grey. Our white coating offers the highest reflectance rate of 87% along with the maximum UV protection and energy cost savings. No matter which color you go with, though, you’ll still achieve energy savings. Some rubber roof coating products can also be color matched in custom colors to perfectly enhance the look of your building.

For each type of application, you’ll get the best results by using an Inland Coatings Certified Applicator, as they’re the most qualified for the job.

Contact us at (800) 456-8467 if you’re ready to get started or have a question. We can help you learn more about our products, provide warranty information and find the distributor nearest you. You can also get a quote completely online by simply filling out a form providing us with the essential information and we’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.