A bucket of Inland's DF-1050 Original Line Asphalt Deck Filler.

Fill and fix various roof irregularities and provide an excellent base for the application of Inland’s RC-2000 Rubber Coating to be applied with Inland Coatings DF-1050. This SEBS roof product is a rubber base coat that effectively fills and saturates various roofing substrates such as BUR or Modified Bitumen roofs, prepping the surface for further coating. An economical solution with superior waterproofing properties, elongation and tensile strength, the DF-1050 rubber base coat is the right choice for roof protection and maintenance.

Benefits of DF-1050 Deck Filler

  • Seal and Waterproof: Eliminate potential wash-off problems with early water resistance.

  • Expandability: Inland’s DF-1050 boasts high elongation and flexibility.

  • Easy Application: One-component product that you can spray, roll, or brush.

  • Long-Term Solution: DF-1050 provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Note: DF-1050 Deck Filler is a non-weatherable material. For long-term UV stability, it must be top-coated with RC-2018 Rubber Coating.

Backed by Inland

Along with protecting buildings and equipment, our business protects your business. Every step in our production process is monitored to ensure quality control, and every Inland Coatings product is backed by more than 40 years of proven quality. For worry-free waterproofing systems, choose Inland.