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Metal Roof Application

Metal Roof Coating Application

Metal roofs develop leaks and corrosion over time from prolonged exposure to weather elements. Years of heat-related expansion and contraction also wear on metal roofs and can loosen seams and fasteners. Metal roof systems will have to be replaced eventually, but you can prolong their life expectancy by reapplying a protective metal roof coating.

Inland Coatings Metal Roof Application

Inland Coatings elastomeric roof products include a strong, flexible synthetic rubber membrane that resists water, corrosion, and weather extremes. It is extremely effective for waterproofing as well as sealing seams, fasteners, and penetrations. The metal roof application system can be used in renovating metal roofs of all types and shapes, and the final result will leave you with an elastomeric fluid applied membrane that protects against roof leaks and deterioration from weather elements.

Our ENERGY STAR-labeled product offers a reflective finish coat that dramatically reduces roof temperatures, keeping the building cooler while also eliminating many problems related to frequent expansion and contraction. Inland Coatings has 12 standard colors and with minimum requirements can provide custom colors to fit your needs.  With over 35 years of experience, Inland Coatings is the trusted name for cool roof restoration products and systems.

Metal Roof Coating Installation

Installation is to be completed by the contractor, who is also to provide all materials, tools, and labor necessary to prepare and finish the project. Installing a metal roof application includes properly sealing roof joints—seams, curbs, fasteners, penetrations, etc. All preparatory work, including cleaning and repairs, is to be completed prior to the coating application. Please see step-by-step instructions for proper installation in the documentation below.

Metal Roof Restoration Process

The process for applying a metal roof coating can be broken down into four steps:

  1. Surface preparation: This includes power washing the roof surface to ensure it is free of any debris and flaking rust.
  2. Coverage: Coverage is required by the warranty and includes properly covering all laps, seams, fasteners, and penetrations.
  3. Coating application: The appropriate application amount will vary slightly by warranty. Please see the step-by-step guide below for more detailed instructions.
  4. Cleanup: All work areas are to be kept clean and safe before, during, and after installation.

The installation process will vary depending on the desired warranty.

Inland Coatings offers an estimating guide, or metal roof calculator, to help you approximate product and labor requirements.

Online/Interactive Estimating Calculator

Please contact Inland Coatings for any questions you may have on estimates, product specifications, processes, or warranties.


For complete step-by-step instructions regarding metal roofing applications, including warranty application requirements.

System Specification for Metal Roofing PDF

Printable Estimating Guide

Metal Roof Estimating Guide PDF

General Requirements for Metal Roofing

General Requirements PDF

Recommended Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment Recommendations PDF

Metal Roof Seam, Penetration, and Ridge Cap Detail Drawings

Roof Seam Detail Drawing PDFRound Penetration Detail Drawing PDFRidge Cap Detail Drawing PDF