Project Description

Inland’s RC-1600 is a water-based acrylic latex elastomeric coating which cures to form a seamless membrane. Inland Acrylic coating extends the life cycle of new and existing roof systems and aids in keeping the roof cool by providing protection from ultraviolet rays and other external weather exposures. RC-1600 is available in bright White and Tan.

Seal waterproofing fasteners, cracks, seams and penetrations with Acrylic RC-1600 Compound. Strong, yet flexible for handling seasonal expansion and contraction, it’s also a great choice for roof repairs.

Benefits of Acrylic RC-1600 Compound

  • Easy application

  • Great adhesion

  • Excellent solar reflectance

Types of Applications

  • Metal roofs and siding

  • Mobile home and RV’s

  • Composition roofs

  • Built-up roofs

  • Trucks and trailer tops

  • Silos and grain elevators

Other Resources

Acrylic RC-1600 Technical Data Sheet
Acrylic RC-1600 Safety Data Sheet

Backed by Inland

Along with protecting buildings and equipment, our business protects your business. Every step in our production process is monitored to ensure quality control, and every Inland Coatings product is backed by more than 40 years of proven quality. For worry-free waterproofing systems, choose Inland.