A bucket of Inland's RC-1650 Acrylic Seam Compound

The Acrylic RC-1650 Compound ensures reliable waterproofing of fasteners, cracks, and seams. This durable, adaptable formula is ideal for sealing various penetrations and excels in accommodating seasonal changes through its flexibility. It is an excellent option for effective and long-lasting roof repair solutions.

Benefits of Acrylic RC-1650 Compound

  • Easy to apply

  • Great UV resistance

  • Outstanding weatherability

Types of Applications

  • Metal roofs

  • Composition roofs

  • Built-up roofs

  • Mobile homes

  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

  • Truck and trailer tops

  • Agricultural buildings

Backed by Inland

Inland has you covered with worry-free waterproofing systems. Every aspect of our production process is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality product. Those lofty standards are passed along to you and have been for more than 40 years. All you have to do is place your order, apply the product and watch it perform.