A bucket of Inland's AG-107 Agricultural Coating

AG-107 provides excellent salt resistance for chassis, welds, seams, piping and roofs. Easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas either by direct sprayed or fogging, it’s an outstanding solution for protecting agricultural equipment inner frames, seams and rails from unwanted rust and corrosion.

Benefits of AG-107

  • Easy application

  • No primer required

  • Superior adhesion

  • Built-in inhibitors

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • 40-year history

  • Trusted by OEM

Types of Applications

  • Silo

  • Grain bin

  • Building

  • Implements

  • Fertilizer Equipment

  • Livestock Trailer

Backed by Inland

Along with protecting buildings and equipment, our business protects your business. Every step in our production process is monitored to ensure quality control, and every Inland Coatings product is backed by more than 40 years of proven quality. For worry-free waterproofing systems, choose Inland.