Metal Roof Coatings Engineered to Last

With constant exposure to sun, weather, and age, metal roofing systems inevitably deteriorate over time. Protect your assets, lengthen the lifespan of your metal roof, and apply a solvent-based, protective metal roof coating. Due to prolonged exposure to weather elements, metal roofs will develop leaks, rust, and corrosion; years of heat-related expansion and contraction also wear down metal roofs, loosening seams and fasteners and causing damage to both the roof and the structure of your commercial building. Whether you have a new metal roof or one in need of reinforcements, secure the life of your roof with Inland’s easily-applied, innovative roof coatings.    

Benefits of Restoring Your Metal Roof With Inland Coatings

When it comes to metal roofs, we know durability, energy savings, and resistance to rust and corrosion are key. When youre comparing your options, why should you choose Inland Coatings to protect or repair your metal roof?

  • Resistance & Durability

    Our SEBS roof coatings include a strong, flexible synthetic rubber membrane to resist water, corrosion, and weather extremes.

  • True Waterproofing Systems

    Our metal roof coating is extremely effective for waterproofing as well as sealing seams, fasteners, and penetrations against the elements.

  • Protection from Leaks, Rust & Weather

    Our metal roof restoration system can restore metal roofs of all types and shapes; the final result is an exceptionally strong coating on your metal roof to protect against roof leaks and deterioration from extreme weather and sun exposure.

  • Energy-Efficient Cool Roofing Systems

    When applied in white, our high-performance solvent-based coatings offer an industry leading 87% solar reflectance to dramatically reduce roof temperatures, keep the building cooler, and eliminate many problems related to frequent expansion and contraction of your roof.

  • Custom Color Options

    If keeping the building cool is less of a concern, we offer 12 standard color options, and can provide custom colors to match your brand or building.

  • Proven Experience

    With 40 years of experience and proprietary chemistry in all of our products, Inland Coatings is the trusted name for metal roof restoration systems.

Metal Roof Coating Application Guidelines

We partner with contractors to complete all metal roof coating projects; contractors will also provide all the necessary materials, tools, and labor to complete the job. Our four-step processes are easy to follow, with no primers required for application—simply clean, seal, prep and coat the roof.

A contractor in a yellow hardhat sprays a metal roof with Inland's product.

Step 1 – Clean 

Power wash the roof at 3,000 PSI and remove any loose dirt and debris.

An Inland SEBs coating is applied using a brush method.

Step 2 – Seal

Apply the RC-2250 Repair Product to all seams, fasteners, and penetration points.

A contractor applies Inland's SEBS coating to a metal roof.

Step 3 – Prep

Apply the RC-2013 Base Coat at 1 gallon per square foot over the entirety of your metal roof.

Inland's SEBS roof coating is sprayed onto a metal roofing substrate.

Step 4 – Coat

Apply the RC-2014 Top Coat to the surface of the entire roof at 1 gallon per square foot.

Ready to Protect and Prolong the Life of Your Metal Roof?