Protect Your SPF Roof Against the Elements

SPF Roof Inland Coatings

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems are greatly affected by wind, sunlight, moisture, humidity and the roof’s surface temperature. Our roof coating systems offer an easy-to-apply solution to protect your SPF roof from damage and deterioration. Save money on a full tear-off with strong, flexible SEBS and Silicone roof coatings from Inland Coatings — and ensure your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions for years to come.

Benefits of Coating Your SPF Roof With Inland Coatings

Need a cost-effective, energy-saving option to protect your SPF roof? You’re in the right place. Our coatings help extend your roof’s service life by protecting it from the elements and preventing damage that can ultimately compromise your commercial building. Here are five reasons to choose Inland Coatings to reinforce your SPF roof:

  • Flexible Roof Coatings

    With an elongation of over 500% and tensile strength that can withstand 1,500 psi, our roof coatings are some of the strongest, most flexible choices on the market.

  • Reliable Protection Against Leaks & Moisture

    Our SEBS coatings deliver the durability you need to protect your SPF roof’s longevity, along with the flexibility to protect it from the leaks and degradation that often come with frequent expansion and contraction. Silicone solutions for commercial building roofs provide long-lasting leak protection.

  • Energy-Efficient Cool Roofing Systems

    Inland Coatings SEBS products protect Spray Polyurethane Foam roof substrates from foam loss, provide excellent durability, and save building owners on energy costs. Our ENERGY STAR-rated white coating provides a reflective finish to keep the roof cool and protect the surface from UV radiation damage. It’s perfect for warmer climates. Silicone roofing solutions for commercial buildings also offer excellent solar reflectance.

  • Custom Colors to Fit Your Needs

    Beyond our standard white coating, our RC-2000 coating comes in 11 additional color options — or we can provide custom colors to match your brand or building. Silicone roofing is available in standard colors.

  • Proven Experience

    With 40 years of experience and proprietary chemistry in all of our products, Inland Coatings is the trusted name for foam roof restoration systems.

Application Guidelines for SPF Roofs

Our SPF coating systems can be used for new polyurethane foam or re-coating the existing sprayed-in-place SPF system, with a four-step process that simplifies application.

We partner with contractors on SPF roof coating projects, and contractors provide all the necessary materials, tools, and labor to complete the job. Application guidelines are easy to follow, with no primers required for application.

Protect your foam roof from deterioration with Inland Coatings.