Choosing Industrial Roof Coatings

When the seasons change, you change with them — from your clothing and routines to your home and car. Is it time for a jacket or coat? Do you need a shovel or a snowblower? Are all-season tires best, or should you invest in snow tires? When it comes to weather, the same care you take with your personal investments should apply to your commercial roofing system as well.

Commercial Roof Coatings: What to Consider

Whether you’re building a new property, opening a new business, or restoring the roof of a commercial property, you’ll need to consider the roof’s existing condition, climate and other variables before choosing the best coating for your roof application. These factors — especially weather — will determine the type of coating needed to repair or restore your commercial roof. A building in a dry, hot environment with a lot of sun exposure may require a different roof coating than a building in a location with cold, snowy winters.

Seasonal Changes & Weather Extremes

Seasons and temperature are a telling indicator of the damage your roof system might sustain, and that informs the type of coating your roof will need. Considering how the seasons change in your region and the types of weather extremes your roof will face is essential for choosing the right commercial roof coating. Sun exposure, rainfall and snowfall all play a part in the potential for roof damage, and the proper roof coating will minimize this damage.

For example, our SEBS rubber roof coating systems are ENERGY STAR-rated for their high solar reflectance. This type of coating would be a good choice for a roof in Texas because it will regulate the temperature of the air inside the building while protecting the roof from the radiating heat.

Condition of the Existing Roof

Before you choose a commercial roof coating, you first need to consider the condition of your roof and what purpose the new coating will serve. Do you need to repair a specific problem in your existing roof, such as rusting, leaks, or alligatoring? Are you adding a coating to a brand-new roofing system with no damage? Your answers will help determine the type of coating to use on your roof. Our team can assist you with selecting the best coating for your roof if you have questions.

Type of Commercial Roof System

Considering the materials your roof is made of, as well as its size and slope, are important when choosing a restorative and protective coating. These factors determine the types of damage that may occur on your roof. For instance, a metal roof will often develop leaks from expansion and contraction or corrosion from years of exposure to the elements, while a spray polyurethane foam roof will quickly deteriorate from sun exposure if not protected. Based on the type and condition of your roofing system, you will want to find a coating that offers the benefits and protection that your specific roof needs.

Quality Roof Coatings Solutions

Once you know the kind of roof coating you need for your application, you’ll want to find a brand or manufacturer that supplies quality roof coatings that provide your desired results. Our commercial rubber roof coatings offer high corrosion resistance, excellent physical properties, and ease of application.

Contact the experienced team at Inland Coatings if you need assistance with your selection. We’ll make honest recommendations that fit your individual needs and application based on our 40 years in the business of manufacturing rubber roof coatings.