Rusty Metal Roof Coating Options

When the City of Richmond, British Columbia, came to Inland Coatings, they feared the worst. With a high degree of rust and multiple leaks at seams and penetrations, they thought a tear-off was the only option for their 20-plus-year-old commercial metal roof.

Knowing how disruptive and costly a tear-off would be for operations, the city looked for another option. That’s when an inspection deemed the roof to be structurally sound and an excellent candidate for a fluid applied membrane. Our sales representative, Bob Furness, teamed up with Cascade Roofing & Waterproofing to restore the commercial roof, meeting both budget requirements and long-term needs.

Rubber Roof Coatings Restoration Process

Rather than replacing a more than 17,000 square-foot metal roof, we developed a plan of action using our 4-step elastomeric roof coatings backed by a 10-year system warranty.

Our process entailed:

The Benefits of Restoring a Metal Roof with Elastomeric Coatings

The SEBS rubber roof coating process that we used required no special primers, so it was quick, easy and efficient to apply. Our ENERGY STAR-rated elastomeric roof coatings also offer up to 87% solar reflectance, 500% elongation and 1,500 psi tensile strength for long-term durability and corrosion protection.

After the application process was complete, our team, along with City of Richmond personnel, inspected the roof to ensure that it met the application standards for warranty approval.   Not only was the city able to avoid a complete tear-off and installation of a brand-new roof, but we also provided the client with an affordable solution that dramatically extended the life of their metal roof.

For more information about this project, take a look at our City of Richmond Metal Roof Restoration Case Study. If you have a rusted commercial roof or fear a roof tear-off is your only option, contact our team at Inland Coatings to discuss our rubber roof coating solutions.