Featured Product: RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating

Featured Product: RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating

Metal roofs experience stress from the temperature fluctuations that occur on a daily basis. The expansion and contraction created by this thermal cycling contribute to fastener failure, leaks, and other costly damage. Constant exposure to rain, snow, and other elements can lead to corrosion-related problems.  No one wants to hear the phrase “tear off,” as it can be a very costly and disruptive endeavor. That’s what makes RC-2000 such a life-saver—or roof-saver.

Energy Efficiency

If repairing your roof is your aim, making it energy efficient is a huge bonus. As an ENERGY STARⓇ qualified product, the high solar reflectance of RC-2000 White cools your metal roof and protects it from corrosion and the elements. This translates to longer roof life and reduced cooling bills.

Ease of Application

Our RC-2000 can be applied in three different ways: brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Best results, however, are obtained with airless spray equipment. Additionally, with an application  temperature range of 40°F–110°F (4.4°–43°C), the window when RC-2000 can be applied is wide open.

Color Choices

You spent time and money designing your brand and logo. That means the colors you chose for your building were given quite a bit of thought. We know how difficult those decisions can be and we respect your brand by offering twelve standard colors. You’re not locked into just a couple of choices with RC-2000. We can also create custom colors, depending on your needs.

Protect Your Investment

It’s easy to think of using RC-2000 to repair a damaged roof as a way of saving money and avoid a complete tear off, but it’s not just a product that’s useful when it comes to repairs. By being proactive and applying the coating to a roof in reasonably good condition, but starting to show some wear, the life of the roof could last much longer. It’s economically sound to protect your investment for as long as possible.

The Inland Coatings RC-2000 is our pride and joy, if you couldn’t tell. It’s easy to see why that is. For a roof in need of acid, alkali, and salt resistance, RC-2000 is ready to go to work. Not only will it protect a metal roof from the elements, it’ll do so while providing a sleek and professional look.

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