Inland Coatings is known worldwide for our dependable SEBS rubber coatings, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t constantly looking for more ways to serve our customers. With our new lineup of Silicone roof coatings, you have more choices for meeting the exact needs of your application.

For Roofs With Extreme Conditions

The most common reason that roofing contractors and building owners select our Silicone roof coatings is situations where the roof will be subject to extreme temperature ranges and high UV exposure. Silicone coatings are also often selected because the roof may experience ponding water. In all cases, our Silicone roof coatings are an excellent choice because they form an impermeable membrane that stands up to extreme conditions and lasts a long time.

Built-In Savings

Inland Silicone roof coatings save building owners money in a variety of ways. They can be applied in a thicker coat than most other types, which can reduce installation time. The resistance to UV rays helps them maintain a cool temperature and minimize heat transfer, which can lower energy costs. The lasting performance and excellent adhesion reduce maintenance needs, and after they experience wear and tear over time, they can be quickly recoated to extend the service life of the roof.

Convenient And Easy

Our Silicone roof coatings go on in a single coat without a primer and can hang on peaks without sagging. They can be applied by spray, roller or brush to almost any flat roof surface, including metal, modified bitumen, built-up roof, polyurethane foam, single ply, and cured concrete. Plus, our Silicone coatings are solvent-free for added fire-retardant protection, and they’re low-VOC to comply with air quality needs.

Backed By Inland

We’re always happy to talk with you about your specific roof situation. Our expert team can help you determine whether SEBS or Silicone roof coatings will be the best fit for your application. Whether you need a quote or just have a question, we’re here to help.

If you’re interested in learning more about Silicone products, contact Inland Coatings.