Case Studies

Industrial Metal Coating

Fort Worth, TX

The metal underside structure of the portico of the American Airlines Maintenance Facility at the Alliance Airport at Ft. Worth, Texas has presented an ongoing problem for management. When case_aaJohn Suskey, sales manager for Lastor/Castor Corporation of Tulsa, was presented with the issue, he promptly recommended the Inland CoatingsĀ RC-2000 and RC-2200 products. The Lastor/Castor Corporation has long and extensive experience in solving similarly difficult problems on government and industrial facilities. Suskey told the American Airline’s management that the Inland Rubbercoating products feature both excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion. Suskey said his company’s prior expereinces with the Inland rubbercoatings on similar, difficult applications had achieved excellent, long-term solutions.

The application contract was issued to Castor Enterprises of Tulsa and Dallas, a firm that also has gained extensive experience with Inland products in protecting facilities from extreme environments. As regulations precluded the more common sand or hard abrasive blast methods, Castor Enterprises prepared the heavily contaminated surfaces with an environmentally friendly soda blasting process. The 10,000 square feet of the metal underside of the portico were then coated with 200 gallons of Inland’s RC-2000 rubbercoating. Additionally, the structural cabon steel support columns received similar treatment, as did the numerous large drain and water pipes running throughout this structure.

Suskey reports that the American Airline’s facility management has stated they are very impressed with all aspects of this completed aplication, the quality of the workmanship provided by Castor Enterpises and the results achieved with the Inland Coating products.