Corrosion on the metal underside structure of the portico of the American Airlines Maintenance Facility at the Alliance Airport in Fort Worth was a constant problem. Frustrated, the management turned to a nearby Tulsa distributor, who told them about his extensive positive experiences solving similar problems with Inland Coatings RC-2000 and RC-2250 SEBS products. Having used the products on a variety of government and industrial facilities, the distributor knew the products would deliver excellent, long-term corrosion protection.

The contractor brought on to handle the project seconded the choice, noting that his company also had many successful experiences with Inland products. Because regulations didn’t allow abrasive blast methods, the contractor prepared the heavily contaminated surfaces with an environmentally friendly soda blasting process. In all, 10,000 square feet of the metal underside — along with steel support columns and numerous pipes — were then coated with RC-2000 rubber coating. American Airline’s facility management has been pleased with the results and with finally having their corrosion problem solved.