When it comes to metal roof problems, KCI Compressor of Tulsa has had its share. Once, a supplier’s sales manager was visiting the facility and asked why the floor was frequently puddled with water. “Roof leaks. No one can fix it. Been that way for 20 years,” he was told.

He suggested the company should have a local rubber roof coating specialist do a roof survey and recommend a solution. That solution was Inland Coatings’ EPDM roof coating.

The project was not without its challenges. For starters, the existing internal gutter and drain system was no match for Oklahoma’s torrential rains. A huge cricket the entire length of the building had to be fabricated and encased in polyurethane foam to handle excess water.

Next, the flat built-up roof (BUR) over the office had to be addressed. All mechanicals were raised four inches on plywood pads and the entire roof area was covered with polyurethane foam. In addition, the painted wall surface where the office joined the steel plant was coated up four feet from the roof to restore an area suffering from some age- and weather-related deterioration.

Finally, all of the building’s 292 skylights were coated with two coats of Inland’s CR-2100 skylight coating. And after all the detail work was completed, the entire roof of the 100,000 sq. ft. building was coated with two coats of Inland RC-2000 white.

When the project was complete, KCI immediately noticed the results — most notably, no leaks! The skylights were once again bright, and the interior gutter system was fully functional. Employees even noticed how the white RC-2000 helped reduce the building temperature, making working conditions more pleasant. Their satisfaction speaks volumes about the project’s success.