Skylights are an efficient way to let in natural light, but they also create extra openings in a roof. A tight seal is critical to keep water out. That’s why the City of Salt Lake worked with Inland Coatings on a solution for two buildings at the city’s general aviation and training center, which is known as Airport II.

The two pre-engineered buildings housed a variety of operations including flight schools, maintenance facilities and airport administration offices. The smaller 14,000 sq. ft. building had a painted metal R-panel roof fastened with screws, and the larger 20,000 sq. ft. building had a galvanized R-panel roof fastened with pop rivets. Both two-story, 2/12 pitch gable roofs also had a number of skylights, yet minimal penetrations for HVAC and plumbing vents.

The city worked with Inland to supply the required SEBS roof coatings for the project. First, roof surfaces were prepared with a 2,500 psi power washer, mechanical scraping and wire brushing. Then, all fiberglass skylight perimeters, penetrations, vertical and horizontal seams were addressed with Inland’s RC-2250 and RPM mesh. In the final step, both roofs received two field coats of Inland’s RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating, and CR-2100 Skylight Coating was applied over the skylights.

As a result, the buildings now have a tighter seal against the elements with lasting long-term protection on each roof.