Case Studies

Rusty Metal Roof Repair

Richmond, British Columbia

Rust Is No Match for Inland Coatings & the City of Richmond, BC

city-of-richmond-beforeScope of Project

17,238 sq.ft. metal roof
Severe rusting issues with multiple leaks and pinholes
Penetrations: 3 stacks and 7 vents


Cascade Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

Goals for Completion

Full roof restoration utilizing Inland Coatings products and a 10-year system warranty provided.

Project Details

The City of Richmond, British Columbia, had a significant dilemma as a 20-plus year metal building had developed numerous problems, including loose seams/fasteners, leaks, pinholes, and a high degree of rust. One option presented was to do a complete tear-off and disposal, which is disruptive and was going to be out of their budget. As the roof itself was structurally sound, Inland Coatings sales representative, Bob Furness, teamed up with Cascade Roofing & Waterproofing and formulated a plan of attack. The result was a 10-Year Warranted System that provided a substantial cost saving (under budget) to the City of Richmond.

With the scope of work provided, Cascade went to work in an easy 4-step process:

  1. Power wash roof and utilize wire brushing, as needed, to bring to tight rust finish. Before proceeding, the roof was free of dirt, debris and completely dry.
  2. Prep the surface area including sealing fasteners, addressing horizontal & vertical seams along with penetrations.
    • Fasteners were sealed using RC2200 Seam Compound, Brush Grade.
    • Horizontal seams, penetrations and ridge cap were 3-coursed using RC2200 Seam Compound and RPM-400 Polyester Mesh.
    • Vertical seams were addressed using RC2200 Seam Compound, Spray Grade.
  1. Optimized Series Coating System: Once prep was completed, Inland’s RC2013-M corrosion resistant metal base-coat and RC2014-T Bright White top-coat were applied at 1.25 gallons per square, respectively.
  2. Clean up with mineral spirits

city-of-richmond-afterBenefits of Inland Coatings Roof Coatings

  • No primers needed – no 2-part mixing required
  • 87% solar reflectance – Energy Star-rated
  • 500% elongation
  • 1520 PSI tensile strength
  • Excellent adhesion, durability & corrosion protection

Upon completion, the finished roof was thoroughly inspected by Inland Coatings and approved by upper management from the City of Richmond.